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2011 Widgeon Coats

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:: Deux Par Deux 
:: Pluie Pluie 
:: Rothschild 
:: Widgeon 
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Widgeon Arctic Leopard Exquisite Soft Faux Fur Bow Front Coat
widgeon leopard print fur coat

Widgeon Dip Dye Faux Fur Hooded Jacket
widgeon baby fur coat

Widgeon Purple Leopard Exquisite Faux Fur Hooded Pom Pom Coat


Need help sizing your child for a Widgeon coat, check out our widgeon coat size chart.

Need help sizing your child for a Widgeon coat, check out our widgeon coat size chart.

Need help measuring your child for a Widgeon coat, read our children's clothing measuring guide.

How to properly care for a widgeon faux fur coat.

How to measure a child for a widgeon winter coat.

American Widgeon coats are brought to you by Sara's Prints. Widgeon coats are for boys and girls and have been around since 1980. Widgeon childrens coats are sold in boutiques and are incredibly high quality coats for kids at a very reasonable price. These are one of our favorite premier brands of coats and jackets for boys and girls. Widgeon coats are sure to be hand me down's for generations to come. Most of the Widgeon coats are made from fleece, which is not only very comfortabel but Widgeon fleece coats are also warm and water repellent. That's right... water repellent - Amazing Widgeon Coats!

Classic Kids brings you Widgeon boys and girls coats at the lowest price you will find anywhere. If you find your Widgeon kids coat anywhere else at a regular price lower than our's, we'll match that price. We are that confident that you won't find any of the Widgeon boys or girls coat styles anywhere else for less.

Use the navigation on the left of this page to search for Widgeon kids coat and jackets by brand by clicking on American Widgeon, or click on the size link to see any of the boys or girls Widgeon coats adn browse by size.

Thank you for visiting our site and we hope you have a great time shopping for your boys or girls Widgeon coats or jackets. Remember... we love the Widgeon fleece children's jacket and we think you will too. When your searching our inventory of Widgeon coats, you may also be looking for: girls boys widgeon coat, girl's boy'swidgeon coats, girl and boy widgeon coats, girls widgeon outerwear, girls boys widgeon jackets, girl's boy's widgeon jackets, girl boy widgeon jackets, baby girl's, boy's widgeon coats, infant girls infant boys widgeon coats, toddler girls toddler boys widgeon coats, little girls b oys widgeon coats, little girl or boy widgeon jackets, little girl or boy widgeon outerwear, widgeon outerwear for girls and boys.

Stunning Widgeon Faux Fur Coats!
Looks just like a REAL FUR, feels like the real thing (these coats are SOFT SOFT SOFT) but for a fraction of the cost and a lot less headache when it comes to cleaning.

Cleaning Instruction for Widgeon Faux Fur Girls Coats:

The widgeon faux fur, like the one shown in the photo above is really simple to clean and care for. Here's how:

  • Machince wash on delicate cycle
  • Cold water
  • Turn coat inside-out
  • Wash with similar colored clothing
  • Do NOT use bleach
  • Tumble dry on low heat
  • Do NOT iron

Some tips for care after cleaning:

  • Store on a padded hanger, not plastic or wire
  • Do NOT cover with plastic wrap
  • As with any coat, wearing a scarf within the coat will keep the neckline cleaner

widgeon logo

Storing your Widgeon fleece coat:

  1. Wash the coat first. Follow the intructions on the tag of your Widgeon coat before washing. Or click here to view our care instructions for your widgeon coat.
  2. Before you wash the coat, clean the pockets - Your kids keep lot's of things in their pockets, that may not belong in pockets. Clean them out and then turn them inside out and shake them.
  3. The widgeon fleece coats can be hung on a hanger. If you decided to do this be sure that the coat is hung in a way that it won't become mis-shapen. I highly recommend a padded hanger as opposed to a plastic or wooden hanger.
  4. I would highly recommend storing your widgeon coat in a plastic containter if you have the room. Plastic is better than cardboard, just make sure the container is well cleaned before you seal in your Widgeon fleece coat for the winter.
  5. Mothballs vs. Cedar blocks - Both are great, keep in mind mothballs are not good to have around children. They could eat them and become sick or worse! I would recommend cedar blocks. They do a great job at preventing, pests, mildew and odor. Keep in mind they are not guaranteed to prevent against these things though.
  6. Regardless of the method you choose for storage hanging vs. storage container. Be sure the location you store your widgeon coat is dark, dry and cool.
  7. You are good until next season! Now it's time to unpacke the spring and summer clothes :-) .

Storing your Widgeon faux fur coat:

  1. I recommend following all of the above instructions for storing your faux fur Widgeon coat with one exception.
  2. I highly recommend you hang your faux fur widgeon coat instead of sealing it in a plastic containger.
  3. Be sure to use a padded hanger vs. a wooden or plastic hanger and choose a hanger that won't leave the coat mis-shapen when you go to retreive it from storage.
  4. Do not wrap the coat in plastic or a storage bag. Just like a real fur caot, your Widgeon faux fur also needs to breathe.


Q: Can you tell me about the Widgeon brand of children's clothing?
A: Widgeon is a division of Sara's Prints. They are headquartered along the San Francisco bay in California. They have been making super stylish and amazing quality outerwear since 1980. The also offer other brands, mostly children's pajamas under the brands: Planet Color by Todd Parr,
Sara's Prints and Wes & Willy.

Q: What are Widgeon coats made of?
A: Widgeon carreis a few different lines. Most of the Widgeon coats are made from an amazing Polartec 300 fleece. This is a highly breathable fleece and surprisingly sheds rain and snow. Widgeon also make a line of faux fur and feux suede coats. Want to learn more about faux fur, click here. Want to learn more about faux suede, click here.

Q: How do I clean my widgeon coats made of faux suede, faux fur or Polartec fleece?
A: The best thing about Widgeon coats, is that these are all machine washable.

Q: What is the return policy for Widgeon coats?
A: If you have purchased your Widgeon coat from Classic Kids Boutique, please read our return policy, click here. If the Classic Kids return policy no longer applies to the Widgeon coat your purchased, you might be able to take advantage of the Widgeon manufacturer (Sara's Prints) return policy, click here to view their policy.

Q: Where are Widgeon coats and other Widgeon clothing sold?
A: You will find all the new Widgeon styles in online boutiques and possibly in your local children's clothing stores. You may also find older Widgeon styles or close outs in mass merchant retailers.

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