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Corky ~ Sweet Pea Ruffle Swing: Jungle Love w/ Matching Hat
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Corky ~ Wrap Swing Coat: Simply Classic w/ Matching Hat
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Corky ~ Wrap Swing: Connect The Dots w/ Matching Hat
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Corky ~ Wrap Swing: Connect The Dots w/ Matching Hat
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Corky ~ Split Sweet Pea: Simply Classic w/ Matching Hat
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Corky ~ Sweet Pea Long: Twist and Shout w/ Matching Hat
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Coming Up Daisies Sweet Pea 145, Rose w/Flower Top Hat
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Corky ~ Snap Up Swing: Flower Works
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Corky ~ Snap Up Swing: Twist & Shout w/ Matching Hat
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Corky Coat Style Chart

corky coat styles

The fall Corky & Company Coat Styles offered by Classic Kids Boutique: : Mary Jane 545, Mary Jayne Bubble 545B, Wrap Swing 538, Anne Marie 445, Long Sweet Pea 145L, Sweet Pea 145, Split Sweet Pea 145S, Jacket/Hat Set 950, Car Seat Cozy 944, Snap up Swing 945, Cozy Suit 936


I absolutely LOVE the fall/winter Corky coats collection. Classic Kids Boutique has great selection of Corky and Company boys and girls coats and hats. Corky coats are unmistakable. When you see a child in one of these coats, you know it's from Corky. Not only are the styles and colors unique to Corky, the fabric is also very unique.

Cork Corky & Company introduced its first outerwear line in 1994, Corky coats feature amazing workmanship and they are always in style, even styles from previous collections. My favorite style of Corky & Company boys coats is the aviator jacket with trapper style hat. My favorite style girls Corky coat is the swing wrap hooded girls coat or the Mary Jayne Corky coat which is always a classic. We sell a lot of the swing wrap Corky coat styles.

For the fall/winter 2011/2012 collection, Corky release 10 new Corky coat styles: Home Spun Fun, Coming Up Daisies, Granny's Afghan, Sweet Simplicity, Bed of Roses, Haute Le Kitty, Welcome 2 The Jungle, Boys are Back In Town, Fashion Fleece, . Classic Kids Boutique carries the most popular styles of Cork coats, if you see a style or a size that we don't have, we can easily get you that coat and we guarantee YOU WILL PAY THE LOWEST price for that coat. If you don't see the style or size you want, use The Coat Finder to get the corky coat you want.

Classic Kids Boutique of course! I want my customers to get exceptional quality and fashionable children's coats at a reasonable price. Plus, my kids always get excited when they get a gift in the mail. So that's why I wrap every coat I ship at no additional charge in our Classic Kids Boutique signature gift wrap…because every kid loves opening a present! My goal is simple - provide the highest quality children’s coats, at the lowest prices possible. You will find many of the same items in your local children’s boutique, the difference is the price. In fact, we guarantee you will not find any item on this site for a lower price anywhere else. If you do, we will match the price and then....learn more about our Price Guarantee, click here.

How to size a child for a Corky coat? There are lots of boutiques that have size charts for Corky coats, but I think they can be misleading. Since every child is built differently and every Corky coat style fits children differently, the best way to figure out how to size your little girl or boy for a corky coat is to contact us directly. I'll be more than happy to work with you to find the perfect Corky coat for your little girl or boy and make sure the Corky style you choose fits your little one perfectly...and hopefully they can get a couple of years out of your Corky coat too. Kids grow quick, unfortunately coats don't. I'll work with you one-on-one and we'll find the perfect size girls corky coat or perfect size boys corky coat just right for your little one. Click here to contact me now about finding the right size corky coat for your little girl or boy.

Cleaning a Corky coat is easy. The Corky company understands that kids get clothes dirty, even coats - so they understand a mom's need for an easy to clean child's coat. To clean a Corky coat just machine wash on cold, line dry and air fluff with no heat in the dryer and your kids corky coat will look like new.

(The following story was taken from the Corky website)
Who remembers way back in 1994, when Corky & Company introduced its first outerwear line? If you do, you shopped in a handful of trend setting boutiques in New England. You will find the same features on Corky coats today as you did in 1994; roll down cuffs, high quality, unique domestic & European fabrics, superior workmanship, fashion forward designs and generously cut coats that run true to size. Who is Corky is a question often asked and that we’re very proud to explain.

You may remember 1998 when we introduced Seeds sown by Corky for layette gifts and outerwear. Why Seeds? At first it was simply to make jackets that were smaller & easier for infants to wear, but one year later we were designing prints and fabrics exclusively for Seeds. Originally the line was simply a jacket & hat set packed in peach basket. Now it includes many items such as our Car Seat Cozy.

Once you name your company after your only child, what do you do when you are blessed with twin girls eight years later? Well we started a unique swimwear line called Frankie & Daisy and took the opportunity to even the playing field. We’re proud to tell you about Frankie & Daisy - The French tag line “Petite Soeurs Jumelles de Corky” translates to “Little Twin Sisters of Corky.”

For years, Corky & Company was confused with another company called Corkey’s Kids. A few years ago we acquired Corkey’s Kids when the previous owner wanted to pursue a career in publishing. Since then we’ve designed beautiful new prints, improved and added new body styles to put our own “Corky” signature on it.

Are you looking for a great gift for a little girl, Corky coats are sure to satisfy the child and the parent. When you give a Corky coat as a gift you can be sure you'll be the hit (and envy) of the party amongst all the parents.

Corky is a fabulous company, twice a year they open their doors to the general public for great deals on these beautiful Corky coats. You have to get the corky warehouse sale REALLY early and if you are patient AND can browser through their warehouse quickly you can save some $$$$ on the Corky coats. When is the corky warehouse sale? The cork coat warehouse sale occurs in Fall River, Massachusetts. When is the corky warehouse sale? The corky warehouse sale occurs in the spring and the fall. If your a bargain hunter and know how to shop at a manufacturers warehouse sale, then this is a great opportunity. If you miss the Corky warehouse sale, don't worry - at Classic Kids Boutique, we offer incredible savings on all Corky and company coats, click here to search our Corky coats collection.

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